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Good Luck Have Fun!

Under Construction

Under Construction

       Here at Above Grounds Gaming we stand for fair games free of harassment and prejudice. Playing Video games has always involved people of all ages, races, and experience.
We would like to aid and build a platform that pushes more toward the spirit of inclusion versus the vitriol that seems all to common these days.
Simply put, if you're looking for a place to play games with friends that put fair honest and fun gaming #1. Then you're in the right spot. All others need not apply. 


This is what We are playing now. Join us!

Above Grounds Gaming

Usual stream times:

Thursday and Fridays  6pm-10pm       

Saturdays and Sundays    10am-10pm


Lets get the gang together to play our favorite games as a team. Meet here to coordinate the ultimate strategy!

Rocket League

Leauge of Legends



Call of Duty

And Much More!

Rented Servers

Rented Servers

Yes we rent servers! I mean how better else to actually create virtual spaces where we as a community come together and play? These servers are supported by us! SO this means you play by our rules. 

1. No harrasment of any kind

2. Play by the rules of the game

3. Watch your language

4. Good Luck Have Fun

MineCraft- Classic

MineCraft Classic is just that, a Classic. An amazing open world suitable for people of all ages. Build the world around you and protect yourself from the zombies, skeletons and other monsters of the night. Join me in my journey to defeat the Dragon!


Server information

Server Name: AboveGrounds

Server Address:

Port: 14800

Farm Simulator 22


The ultimate farming game is of course farm sim 22. This game does great to keep to a realiastic understanding of current farming practices. Everything from wheat to corn, cows, and horses. Come and start your first farm and see if you can make more money than me.



The Legend of Zelda Play-thru

I was born February 18th 1986. Three days later the lord saw this world fit enough to introduce us to this amazing gift. If you do not know about The Legend of Zelda you should. The start of my Walk-thru's begins here and I have no regrets. Follow me along!

Top Games List

Top Games List
1. Legend of Zelda
3. 7 Days to Die
2. Rocket League 
3. Fortnight
5. The Forest
6. Starcraft 2
7. Ages of Empires 4
8. Cyberpunk 2077
9. Halo Infinite
10. SimCity

Vr Games

Beat Saber
VR Games
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